A VR adventure you've been waiting for

Follow the adventures of B.R.A.D., a Bionic Research and Assistance Drone and 3 misfit scavengers as they set out to save humanity in a post-apocalyptic future. Six massive worlds await you containing a total of 24 levels in this unique adventure that combines the best of two worlds; Brawl your way through stunning levels with one of the 3 main characters on levels in the style of classic side-scrolling beat ’em ups, raise bullet hell using B.R.A.D.’s various weapons on first-person shoot ’em up stages or do all at once, fighting back to back on epic boss battles.

Bionic Mayhem is coming to PC based Vr systems in Q3 2019 and we are planning to follow it with a PSVR release in Q4.

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